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Welcome to Shade Shack, Inc. - your number one source for wholesale products for your retail store. We supply Gift Shops, Tourist Shops, Hotels, General Stores, Marinas, Bait and Tackle Shops, Drug Stores and more with over 1,000 available items for both men and women. Our products include :

¤ Bucket Hats ¤ Safari Hats
¤ Caps ¤ Straw Hats
¤ Clothing Items ¤ Sunglasses
¤ Fishing Hats ¤ Visors
Shade Shack also offers store display fixtures for our products as well as miscellaneous items, including coolies, fanny packs, and sunglass retainers for your retail establishment. We distribute to stores nationwide and we can even embroider and print customized products to promote your business, tourist stop or attraction!

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Shade Shack product lines

Shade Shack is an authorized distributor for Flying Fisherman and Just Hook 'Em products. Click on image to view the items we offer! Flying Fisherman Products Just Hook Em Products